Movie producer Elvis Chucks robbed in Lagos last night

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Movie producer Elvis Chucks robbed in Lagos last night - NEWS

Movie Producer Elvis Chucks was robbed at Ilupeju, Lagos last night November 19th. According to him, he was heading home at about 9pm yesterday after he finished production for the day at a movie location when he and two others in his Hummer SUV were attacked by 8 armed men, who double crossed his  SUV at the Ilupeju town planning bridge heading to Third mainland bridge where he had stopped to drop off someone.

The men robbed him of his phones, his Apple watch which he said he was wearing for the first time, 4.5D Canon Cameras, iPhone s6 .6lenses and a Samsung S6. He said after several failed attempts to move his Hummer jeep, the robbers moved him and the occupants into their own vehicle and drove them to an ATM machine at Cele along Mile 2 Badagry express way where he was forced to withdraw N150,000 from his account. They took the money from him and then drove off. thankfully, no one was injured.

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