How Snoring Can Seriously Damage Your Health

How Snoring Can Seriously Damage Your Health - OTHERS

The complex interaction of body parts that creates snoring is a recipe for disaster. A lot of people are not even aware of the fact that they are snoring or that this affects their quality of sleep. It also worsens as we age, meaning that one day you don’t have a problem and the next day you do. Snoring can even develop into full-on obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), which can cause anxiety and depression and lead to poor performance at work.

The air blockage caused by snoring also keeps air out of the lungs, and can send your body into suffocation mode. This panicked state releases endorphins and other chemicals that actually damage the body on a nightly basis.

The non-sleep you get with OSA makes you suffer all day long. You start feeling like a zombie (and you may look like one too.) You won’t realize your snoring was keeping you up, but you will feel like you aren’t quite there, you aren’t 100%.

Only the use of a jaw supporter to firmly hold the lower jaw in place can retrain the oral tissues to stay put. It may take some time, but snoring will stop and with it you gain the added health benefits of a proper rest.

How Snoring Can Seriously Damage Your Health - OTHERS


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