How police officers almost killed LIB reader yesterday…

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How police officers almost killed LIB reader yesterday... - NEWS OTHERS

A LIB reader shares an encounter  she and her family had with police. Read below…

 I was on my way home with my two sisters when we were stopped at a police check point. Two police officers stopped us, seeing my sisters fiancee driving us, he thought we were prostitutes and asked what we were doing at that time of the night (it was 11.15pm). He asked for the drivers license and was given. He started asking silly questions and the next thing the other police officer will say is,

“I can kill all of you in this car and nothing will happen because there is no witness.” We the girls in the car knowing our right tried to get a picture taken, at least to send to someone so as to know what really happened but police officer threw the phone away and hit one of my sisters. I want you to please post this news, because if we were killed, the police officers will come up with a ridiculous story and what really happened would have been forgotten. It happened at century checkpoint close to the police station there. The only reason we made it out was because we knew our right. Thank you.

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