2Face Idibia Gives Upcoming Artistes Advice

2Face Idibia Gives Upcoming Artistes Advice

2Face Idibia Gives Upcoming Artistes Advice - ENTERTAINMENT GIST OTHERS

Legendary Nigerian singer Innocent 2Face Idibia has offered bits of advice to upcoming artistes who aspired to be as great as he was.

2Face gives success tips..

In a reported interview with The Entertainer, the African Queen singer lent 5 advice tips to upcoming artistes. He said:

1. “You have to be ready mentally, physically and spiritually to face challenges that will come your way.”

2. “Number two is you must maintain your focus, focus on your dream and pursue it; live it and sleep it every day.”

3. “Number three is respect; you have to respect people because people are the backbone of your success and failure. You must respect your fans and the people that contributed in one way or the other to your success be­cause there is no artist that can come out and say he or she is an island.”

4. “You have to have some level of humility. It is not by force that you must greet everybody you see on the road but you have to know how you put yourself out there.”

5. “And finally talent, you need to have talent to make it in the industry.”

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