Man kills homeless cyclist while receiving Oral s** from female passenger

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Man kills homeless cyclist while receiving Oral s** from female passenger

Man kills homeless cyclist while receiving Oral sex from female passenger - GIST OTHERS

According to 10 News, a man named Randy Joe Allen killed Terry Lamunt Ross, 49, who was riding his bicycle on the hard shoulder of a main road, in Florida.
Allen told police in Florida he had struck a stop road sign while driving on Highway 92 with a female passenger who was giving him oral s** while he was driving.

The female passenger was interviewed and told officers that she had just met Allen at a bar and after taking a few drinks, left with him.
The female passenger then told astonished police officers that she was performing oral s** on Allen while he was driving and heard a loud bump. Allen then told her that he hit a road sign and continued driving, and she continued the s** act unaware Allen had just hit a cyclist as he was so overcome with ecstasy.
Police officials said that the passenger did not see what Allen hit and believed his story, reports 10 News. Allen was taken to Polk County Jail and charged with one count of Leaving the Scene of a Crash with Death..
He has had seven prior arrests in Polk. He was arrested for DUI back in December 2008.
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