‘Is smoking a sin to G**?’ asks actress

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‘Is smoking a sin to G**?’ asks actress

‘Is smoking a sin to God?’ asks actress - GIST

Actress Toyin Aimakhu is serious about being a born-again Christian.

Last week she revealed that she has given her life to Christ. Moving on with her faith, Toyin Aimakhu asks on Instagram today (December 8) if smoking is wrong since the bible doesn’t explicitly say it’s a sin.

I just want people to see christ in me, I don’t even care if they know my name as long as they get to know my G**.. let’s talk abt smoking, we all know smoking is bad but is it a sin to G**?” she asked.

Toyin Aimakhu went to say she spoke to her Pastor who told her that smoking is a vice the Lord frowns upon.

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‘Is smoking a sin to God?’ asks actress - GIST

“I asked my pastor that question I told him I can’t find it the bible and he told me what I need to knw so I’m going to share it and I want us to talk abt it, smoking is bad for our health and it’s a sin cos the bible says our body is the temple of the Lord…let’s share our opinion abt this pls nurses and doctors get in here tell us the disadvantages of it and the health risk..” she wrote.

On November 30, the actress revealed that she has rededicated her life to Christ.

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