Dish It Out Nigeria – Home Made Cooking

  • img_3668
    Fried Chickens
  • img_3810
  • img_3402
    Efo Riro special
  • img_3597
  • img_3342
  • img_3669
  • img_3838
  • img_3917
    Cabbage rice with chicken sauce
  • 14701143_1123434227703711_7835865852401418240_n
    Efo Riro special
  • keito
    Keto Diet
  • 14718680_1784222635200004_650122918121893159_n
  • 14725670_1784221091866825_8532437375576538201_n
    Chicken Stew
  • 14712871_1784220978533503_809936753028750687_o
    Egusi Soup
  • 14642527_1784222771866657_7202039616432421815_n
    Seafood Okro Soup
  • 14670750_1784222711866663_575901970626387348_n
    Vegetable Soup
  • 14729103_1784222701866664_1129947440809208075_n
    Fried Trukey
  • 14695567_1784222665200001_8478034545347513912_n
    Fried Rice
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Dish It Out Nigeria - Home Made Cooking - OTHERS We offer varieties of

  • Oha soup
  • Efo Riro
  • Afang
  • Edikaikong
  • Egwusi
  • Bitter Leaf Soup
  • Seafood Okro
  • Bagga
  • Pepper Soup
  • Jollof rice
  • Fried rice
  • Ogbono soup
  • Cocontion rice (local rice),
  • Stew
  • Yam porridge
  • Chicken Sauce
  • Pepper Stew
  • Ofada Stew
  • Party Jollof Rice
  • Moi Moi
  • Beans
  • Salad
  • Fried Rice
  • Lots more.


For your home order, house parties & Outdoor events
Contact us to place your order and we get your meals delivered to your doorstep.

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Call/text/whatsapp: 08075795141
Email: [email protected]


Dish It Out Nigeria - Home Made Cooking - OTHERS

 Home Made Cooking At Your DoorStep!

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