Hot Sexy Ex-Big Brother Star Strips Neked For Snapchat Video (Watch)

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Hot Sexy Ex-Big Brother Star Strips Neked For Snapchat Video (Watch) - ENTERTAINMENT

A popular model has stunned her many followers on social media with her raunchy act after getting nvde for snapchat videos.

Chloe Khan is a popular British model who is renowned for her sexy build.
The young lady has recently stunned people with new videos she made on snapchat.
The former Celebrity Big Brother contestant was struggling to sleep and decided the only thing to lull her into a slumber would be stripping nvde and striking up a conversation with her Snapchat followers.
Wrapped in nothing but sheets and a flower filter, the brunette attempted a series of accents with limited success, before descending into giggles.
“Me got the weirdest sleep pattern, you know. Me na know why me wake up at 2am, now me have to wait hours for breakfast, 6am, ya know?” she began, channeling a Jamaican sound.
Next she attempted Irish, continuing: “Honestly, I’m telling you I’ve lost my mind, I don’t know what the h***’s the matter with me.”

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And she wrapped things up with an amped-up Californian twang, adding: “Right so I’m going to try and go back to sleep now and in the morning I’m gonna see this and be like ‘Oh my G**, what was I actually doing at 4:21am?’”
Despite beginning the various clips with the covers pulled over her chest, the vixen ended up dragging them sideways, exposing more side booob than we thought biologically possible.
And while it may have been the middle of night, the 25-year-old packed on the glamour with a French manicure, sculpted brows and a glossy pout.

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