‘To keep your marriage, avoid ‘instant noodles man’ – Actress Lizzy Oraya

‘To keep your marriage, avoid ‘instant noodles man’ – Actress Lizzy Oraya - GIST

Nollywood actress, Lizzy Oraya has asked every Nigerian woman to avoid ‘instant noodles’ men if they want to keep their marriages intact.

While chatting with Potpourri recently on phone on a myriad of issues, the actress asserted that she cherishes a happy marriage more than anything in her life.

‘To keep your marriage, avoid ‘instant noodles man’ – Actress Lizzy Oraya - GIST

To her, marriage is a lifetime contract, and advises that any woman going into it, should take all the details into consideration, especially, shortcomings that could breed infidelity.

Lizzy told Potpourri:

“I am from a very good home. The last thing I will ever consider is cheating on my husband. That’s why it is very important that I know my husband sexually before getting married to him. If a woman wants to keep her marriage intact, she should avoid an instant noodle man,” she said.

When PP asked her what an Instant Noodles man is, she answered thus:

“An Instant noodle man is a man who cannot satisfy his woman in bed. They submit in bed so shortly before the woman could derive any form of pleasure in an intercourse with them. I don’t want to look beyond my marriage for sexual fulfillment,” she added.

What if the man has all the money in the world? Lizzy says:

“Money is good but it is not as important as s** in a marriage. For as long as my man is comfortable, that is okay with me. I believe in love and it comes with intimacy in all forms,” she said.

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