“My Father Lied, He Can’t Say I Didn’t Take Care of Him” _ Notorious Kidnapper Evans

“My Father Lied, He Can’t Say I Didn’t Take Care of Him” _ Notorious Kidnapper Evans - GIST

Few days ago, Evan’s Father, Mr. Stephen Onwuamadike disclosed that he has been living in penury as he has not heard from his son till his arrest.

His son, Evans has contradicted his father as he said that he took care of his father, bought him two vehicles, gave him a cash sum of N3 million, which his father used to start fish farming and pig rearing business.

Evan, who led police operatives to two houses in Ejigbo and Igando areas of Lagos state where he kept some of his victims for months, made this disclosure during a chat with Vanguard.

“My father cannot say that I didn’t take care of him and my other siblings. I took good care of my father even when he didn’t take care of me. My father lived a very wayward life as a person.

“He stopped paying my school fees which made drop out of school. He went on to marry a second wife. As if that wasn’t enough, my father took a third wife and he married her as a 70-year-old man.

“I was not happy with my father, that was why I don’t go close to him but I made sure I provided all his needs. I bought him a car and a bus. They are in our compound and I also gave him N3 million which he used for his pig and fish farming business.

According to him, he helped his family members a lot including children of his father’s other wives, stating that his father lived a wayward life leading to his divorce with his mother.

He continued

“I know I have done terrible things but I want to be forgiven. I also want to advise other criminals to turn a new leaf. The Nigeria Police is not what it used to be. They are far more advanced than they were. If they could arrest me, there is no criminal they can’t arrest, “he stated.

Evans said the Igando hideout, located at Green Street, was where he kept five persons including Chief James Uduji and Francis Umeh at the Igando den.

He stated that he vacated the den when people started suspecting his activities in the area.

He further disclosed that he rented the apartment in 2014 stating that he kept Francis Umeh for five months in that apartment before he moved to the other house in Ejigbo.

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